About us

Eirene: using community learning paths to tackle bullying is an Erasmus+ project, funded by the European Union under KA2 – Strategic Partnerships and brings together eight European partners each with specific insights and expertise.

Project objectives:

  • Improving the ability to react to the bullying phenomenon in the scholastic environment;
  • Creating a methodology to update teachers’ competencies by offering them a set of specific laboratories as an efficient tool to tackle bullying;
  • Offering teachers and students (13-16 years old) the possibility to experiment the new methodology which will bring about a new awareness about bullying and the ways to tackle it;
  • Involving actively the main members of the school community ( parents, associations, Institutions) with the prospect to create an active and participated web to tackle this negative behaviour in the best way;
  • Designing and launching small social media campaigns to tackle bullying.