ETIC - Portugal

ETIC – School of Technologies, Innovation and Creation is a group of schools that provides Technical and Professional education in the areas of image and communication: animation, video, sound, music, production, communication and journalism, graphic design, interior design, photography, multimedia and acting.

ETIC is our technical school and provides one- or two-year courses, recognised by the Ministry of Labour. These courses aim at providing or enlarging technical expertise and students, most of them already working in the chosen area, are required to have accomplished secondary education.

ETIC has been running HND (Higher National Diploma), Level 5, and Top Up courses (Level 6) a British certificate and the school is also certified by PEARSON BTEC – BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION COUNCIL, the biggest worldwide certification organization of study programs.

EPI – Professional School of Image is our professional school, and provides 3-year courses, fully recognised by the Ministry of Education and corresponding to secondary education.
After having successfully accomplished the course, students may choose either to take in a high degree in a University or begin their professional (technical) career.