3° Geniko Lykeio Kerkyras - Greece

The 3rd general lyceum (GEL) of Corfu is a public upper-secondary school, located in the centre of Corfu town, Corfu Island, in the North West of Greece.

The ‘General Lyceum’ institutions in Greece provide general education and gradual specialization in individual subjects.

The 3rd general lyceum of Corfu is a dynamic school of about 400 students aged 15-18 and 32 teachers. Our school population includes about 60 foreign students, while about 15% are second-generation migrants. A small percentage of these students face learning difficulties or require special care and support due to other personal, family or socio-economic problems. Our school provides continuous support for all students, with special attention paid to those who might even ask for it in their own way, inside or outside the school.

Teachers at our school are particularly sensitive and familiar with solving bullying problems of every form and cause, such as racism and xenophobia. On teachers’ initiative we have organized many events, discussions and workshops for the whole school community on the above-mentioned issues.

Our school has already been involved in European and International projects such as Commenius exchanges, Euroscola in Strasburg, Erasmus+ projects, etwinning activities and European training seminars, for the last five years. The years 2015-2017, our school was the coordinator of the Erasmus+ program “Immigration, Stereotypes and Racism” (ISAR), which was awarded a good practice label.  Our school also participated as a partner in the Erasmus + program  entitled HIMIS “Interpretation of cultural heritage for the integration of immigrants in school”.

We pride ourselves in being a very democratic school, distinguished for its pluralism and collective decision-making. Although our school has limited infrastructure, we manage to overcome difficulties by working with passion, creativity and Greek “filotimo”.

Our school has extensive experience in etwinning projects and European programmes in general. Alongside our school’s European mentality and orientation, we take many actions and organize a number of activities annually. Training, experiential seminars to deal with instances of school violence, theatrical performances, experiential workshops for students, after-school groups, are only a few of the activities aimed at raising awareness on important issues and creating active European citizens.


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